Do not place stainless steel water tanks on an uneven and unstable surface. Fix it on the ground with expandable bolts to the surface and ensure it is well balanced and stable. In addition please take adequate precautions to place the SS tank away from chemicals, flammable material and hazardous vapours which could affect the properties of the stainless steel. Do not connect pipe with water tank without any support to avoid stress on stainless steel tanks to prevent tearing of the body or leakage.

Which SS Grade Tanks is best for my water supply?

If water supply TDS < 200ppm ( with / without water softener or R.O. ) use H2O Plus Tanks with SS304 inner shell + SS304 outer shell for long life. If water supply TDS > 200ppm & TDS < 1000 ppm use H2O Plus Tanks with SS316L inner shell + SS304 outer shell for long life. For Healthy Family – Treatment of water with softener / R.O. is recommended for life free of waterborne diseases, than to just upgrade of resistance property of SS material (i.e. from 304 to 316L)

Why should I buy H2O Plus Water storage tanks?

These SS tanks are built to last. Our company has been into the business of manufacturing of stainless steel utility goods for 35 Years and you can count on our experience.

Which information I should provide before buying these tanks?

Select water storage capacity required, keeping in mind the future additional reserve needed. Select the size in height and diameter taking care of the space available for water tank installation. Delivery, Location and time of delivery.

What area do you serve?

Our company primary offers its services in the state of Delhi and NCR. However, we provide products and services to house owners, commercial establishments and distributors throughout India.

Are H2O Plus tanks safe for Drinking water?

The material used to manufacture Plastic water tank is nothing but Petrochemical which facilitate bacterial growth and also loses its structural integrity when exposed to sun. Whereas H2O Plus water tanks are made of 100% pure stainless steel plates of grade 304 / 316L BA/2B and offer the best solution for the storage of potable water.

How much water temperature will change?

Maximum change in water temperature between inlet & outlet on a daily basis is within 2-3 degrees under atmospheric conditions of 48 Degrees. If water is stored & not used for days then water temperature will rise on daily basis as above under same atmospheric conditions.

What if pipe connections at site are made of G.I. / S.S. or UPVC and exposed in direct sun.?

For insulation of pipes from direct sun use ‘Closed Cell Foam Rubber Pipe Insulation’ commonly used on AC pipe lines & Domestic water lines.